‚ÄčThe Real Adonis

The animated universe was really created in 1996, about the time that POLYstylez (B. Steffan E.Sylvers) first began drawing comics. He was inspired by animation like "Street fighters" and the burger king kids club cartoons. Very much more interested in people than ideas. Eventually the stories came along. through the years, many of these sagas have changed, or revolutionized, improving in both story line and physical depiction. Some of them are novels waiting to happen, and some are just on going characters with a theme, but no history. Among many of his tragic tales Maribelle Santiago, is one of them. Centered in the middle of his universe (long brunette in the picture above), she connects with almost every story written by him, being one of his earliest characters. She is a fictional portrayal of a Hollywood scarlet, born in the slums of Florida and adopted by a wealthy New Jersey family. After a series of sexual encounters with the families' son, she is put out on the streets learning to fin for herself, undergoing a bout of drug addiction, prostitution, and homelessness before she meets her first love Amory, who is sentenced to life in prison for a staged homicide set up by his street rival Chico, who Maribelle is forced to take hand in marriage with. And all of that happens before she meets her BLONDE Arched Nemesis, Izzy Isadora, who marries the man that took her virginity in that wealthy house hold in New Jersey that put her out on the streets. Some how a midst all of that imagination, behind the creation of this savaged beauty queen, Polystylez incorporates her in more than 4 other story lines where she becomes a home wrecking video vixen/ model, an advocate for immigration reform, to the Queen of her own country.
Perhaps you were curious about the man holding the microphone, with the polystylez embedded logo on his t-shirt. Contrary to what many people believe, [including the characters in this fictional saga "Tracking POLYstylez"] this is not a self persona of "The Real ADONIS". The afro, skinny jean wearing kid in the picture is a fictional character known as Quincey Quest, dedicated to real HIP hop and underground music he takes on a job with an illegally syndicated radio station in the future of a bizarre world where it is illegal to be an independent artist. Wanted by the FBI and dodging a few gangsters that have put a hit out on his head, he is on a mission to discover the truth, who started this radio station "Ryme Tyme News" that got him in so much trouble, and will he find them before the FBI does? " Everyone in this mystery is dragged through a series of clues, hidden in the music that POLYstylez created, will they figure out his plan to ultimately invert the music industry and throw him in a prison where he belongs, or will they be chasing their tale for centuries to come?
Follow POLYstylez, (the real Adonis) and learn about his multiple creations online as you will be amazed how far his mind can go.  (follow this page for more about the animated world)