I met her at a club on a monday night 

she was lookin hell good I won't lie

 and I wasn't faded 

 Yea she lit the room like dynomite 

she began to move and my oh my 

it was amazing 

we exchanging eye contact on sight

dinner champagne and candle light 

she was a lady

now she on my tongyue like white on rice and we be making lovin right all night 

she havin my baby!

she loved every littel vice

she doug everything i liked 

she told me

she was gonna be my wife

and she was gonna share my life as my only 

But she smashed da homey 

why she smashed da homey 

yea she smashed da homey 

why'd she smah da homey naw naw no! 

she started wearing baggy jeans and tims 

And taking more days off with no plans (pick up the phone babe)

and I can feel the distances began

she strated spending way more time with him cause im feeling lonely

we used to go t red lobster for shrimp

and then wed go out and take a a swim  

now its dinner at shoneys 

but you just spent last night with him

talking bout you passed out in the gym 

the phone message shows me (that you smashed the homey)

‚ÄčThe Real Adonis