​The Real Adonis

He abused you 

after you let him in 

and now you refuse to let him win

He see's straight through you  and the scars on your skin, but to him entries to let him in... and do it again..and do it again and again

he used you

after you gave him your heart

plumited straight on through you like a flaming dart

he could see  right into you

you like the strings of a harp

but to him it was just ripping apart 

and then you give in you let him WIN to do it again 

to do it again , and again

(#self inflicting interlude )

There can be no more this is a stanz

your a grown woman facing a man

you're so beautiful you deserve romance 

 just close your walls up dont let him in ...

and don't you forget 

dont you give in 

dont let him in 

dont let him win 

or hell do it again .


Just close your walls up 

don't you give in 

dont let him win 

(#Long self inflicting interlude )

and again...

This is the norm now, you know what to expect 

again and again!

It's your only hope now,

your back at the start, just blow his back out, dont be a fart.

dont let him LIVE to do it again.

She had been running for miles dreading the pain she was about to endure 

she could smell the funk from her ear to his mouth

and the beads of sweat slowly began to pour

over whelmed with exaustion and crippled by the beast of his roar

she slowly fell into submission

knees clinched on the floor; as she began to ask for more