‚ÄčThe Real Adonis

In June 2011 I contacted The infamous LORD ITILL from the Bronx to see if I could work with him on some new projects (back into HIP HOP) I havent recorded a rap song IN ABOUT 6 years, so this will be interesting. The first time I met The Lord ITILL was by a business card that I found in my guitar case while I was transitioning to my folk/rock legacy in the subway station; (or "busking" as it is more appropriately stated). When I called, as I usually do to thank people, and profile them on my fans page; I realized we had never met before. Hesitant to work with a stranger I booked an appointment anyway to record the first demo of my unwritten folk songs EVER. I traveled all the way to the Bronx for a session and realized, whoever dropped that card left me a piece of GOLD. I feel Like they propably knew both of us and knew we should get together. I fell in love with the sound quality as well as the professionalism in a home built studio. LORD "ILL" (what I call him) is very established but humble, honest and family oriented, and I knew we had to work together... after numerous attempts to record in other studios I realized my folk music just likes to be heard live only... But to compensate for my need to collaborate with LORD ITILL...Expect the next BIG BANG..."Hip hop" meets "club" take-over-album, 2012 by Steffan Sylvers, The real ADONIS.