‚ÄčThe Real Adonis

I started out with a BIC and a trapper keeper pad
Now I do it in the trap on a i pad.
then Casette tapes slowly became a thing of the pass.
and these dark aged niggas became decrepit and had.
On a peter pan bus just to be the captain of hooks, while I was typing sentences that they reciting in nook
at eleven I wrote a paragraph/ blendin metaphores and melodies 
used to pass the mic in 93.  catching fire flies while yall was happy to be catching felonies
Now Im spittin in my iphone creatin you streams, they spittin in sippy cups. streamin out urine in a bed tub.
Catchin bed bugs reflecting on the misery. Quizin me like they a part of history.
My attention span stuck  If you aint heavy or chuck. I aint against the past just on a quest to reconstruct.
Got a time machine that I can fuck with. just put my mp3 on vinyl watch these niggas bump it.
Probably I'm talkin bout some dumb shit.
Like how to measure the circumfrance of a compass. Or how to consume a human whole and use the bones for pumis.
soically intellectual I converse with the antitheseis of mundane. I respect an etimoloigist they worship cocaine.
Jokers got me feelin like the hip hop version of Bruce wayne.  Im propane these other niggas just gassed up.
They wanna fit me in the puzzle but we dont match up, I keep it funky, fuck a label, fuck a plattinum chain.
I murder niggas with no trigga ima beast with the word play shit. and could spit like Talib KWELI AND JIGGA.
im a multi fascited mother fucker. fud ruckers with the flow 
now tell me how its in my interest to beef with burger kings.
I do this shit without a crown without a round in my stomach, or scars from a dark place embedded in my discussions
my tactics or tragic I got a pass that make you end life all of a sudden.  snap quick like vlastics. and y'aint even see it comin.
poet a prodigy a particular place. Im a concept artist I aint got no face. sexual ambiguity and alien race.

they out here tryna kill us 

spill us 

beginning with the real us 

gotta feeling they ensecure about all them gorillas 

they been studying over centuries 

incognito ministries poisoning the natives for their natural intities while medicinal practices undergoing greif and penalty 

but we out here tryna kill us

pill us

and fill us with enemas that cause spill in our blood stream and numb us from trusting who is the real us too busy out here trying to prove who is the illest. the answer is the dealers they mentally sic  thats why they out here sniffin lines cause they dont know how to spit its easier to swallow phenin for your the next big hit.

With unequivocal precision I make albums look like intermissions Abraham with flow, pay attention how its full circle. Buck shots on ya kitchen when im spittin. Goose bumb ridden. And I do it lookin like steve urkel. Altough Id like your permission, im eatin quinces by the minute and fishin for consequences/ I eat bich niggas for breakfast you could call me victor newman this rap game is the young anbd the restless. Im quick to pop up on a guest list, at ya front door ASAP I address it. find ya self humiliated disrespected lookin for the exit - while I instagram my pearly white smile and my golden neclace. #next BITCH!  . Poly~sTyLez the Real Adonis 2014

I been a golden child all my life ever since the placenta I remember being draped in white. covvered my eyes when I rose beneath the light. 10 seconds of life and I was already bright. Budda divine to my surprise a man brrought me to life. Used to calll my mama mary then I learned to recite. Full gllobe of grass, smooth skin, doctors tryna tap on my ass. Nurses playin paper scisors rock to give me a bath.


First of all it was too many job cuts they in a recession but not us? corporate spending got you thinking its a deficit? Cut the rhetoric. I was negative in the checkin ever since PETA was irrelevant. started Starving when teresa was selebant. Didnt even know they gave stamps to illegal mexicans. Now I wake up to brunch, 20 minutes at crunch. have a little Happy hour- Jose Cuervo and punch. 600 is nap time roll a piff and hit it once wit da captain crunch

The way my mind works is abstract/ melting microphones/ they making micro clones to match that.
Im dumb nice thats that. a dispicable being/ my pen they not seeing
demonic ebonic phonics all up in my genes. I make niggas wanna blast gats.
THEY get vexed when I glad rap. transparent emcees the epitome of ass crack. claimin that they non commercial but they signed to ascap.
Street credit applications on they I-PAD. My animated universe is realer than your past track.
I draw pictures that erase you from maps. Tales from the cript scriptures, got you taking permanent naps.
It aint hard to bust off when your daddy propably had a gat. When I'm hard I bust off the same way that I rap. 
Un-expected/ in your face/ and with a fucking impact.
Onomonopoetia when I see ya, it aint hard to catch a record when you african or black.
 But it's hard to keep it clean when you aint spittin on wax. My rap sheets invisible, like a biggie smalls track.
 I keep it calm and collect.
I keep it under cover like a boy band but crack
 find ya man under the covers, askin the cops "what's that?
ya see I'm gone without a trace, another day another place.
un-Identified it won't be no case.
And of course you know pimpin your mama was a hood rat. but she aint teach you how to pick from the border
mexican chicks kid napped. All you know is how to shit where you sleep, and piss on your daughter.
[and in that order]... these rap niggas is weak
No im not a rapper, im still buffreing basic.
being benevolent got angry niggas thinkin im hatian.
excercising verbs that perturb the mundane and the meek.
sporting sunglasses with the lenses punched out of em, they ask me why is that I tell them I can hardly see.
I'm rockin penny loafers, with a quarter pokin out of em, they laughing at my style but im allergic to sneaks.
I keep it bumb Hippy hip hop sheek, The sexy homeless lookin nigga with the new louis V