‚ÄčThe Real Adonis

I'm looking at your face waiting for one glimmer of hope.
She bad enough to cheat on me but telling me she wont.
I can smell the Gucci guilty all in his cologne.
You got another line and my numbers unknown
and the Pussy dont cream no more 
I used to whisper lies that made you wanna scream and moan.
we used to fulfill fantasies now the fairy tale is at home.
And life has just become alot of big unknown...  
I can smell the roses intuitions unfroze
my sentiment is telling me is out of my control
I probably should give up but I dont wanna let go
your girlfriend keep on sweatin me_but I wont let temptation unfold
A pile of dolce and gabanna and coach
I got a match and gasoline tellin me to let it explode like this heart of mine_but my mind keeps telling me dont.
And digging for the truth is like dinosaur bones.

In early 2014 I contacted Fevalino after reviewing the business card he gave me in the train. One of the first things I liked about this cat is that he showed respect for my music instead of his own business. Most people just throw me a card while i'm singing in the train, and then they have the nerve to act like they are fixing my life or something. Fevalino is very modest and super talented. When I visited his home studio, he played the first track that I fell in love with and we instantly made a song called "lies". He came up with the title and the hook and then I went home and wrote the lyrics. The rest is history. save this page in your "favorites" for updates about POLYstylez and FEVALINO projects, and follow our social media links on this page... (DON'T forget to sign the guest book)