​The Real Adonis

This is just me, and the guitar. Singing one of my original songs, entitled "Unresolved"; which is a broken story about parting ways with a fantasy relation ship that only occured in my head. I created the words through a series of scattered thoughts & phrases that I would apply to my chords and melodies that I play on the train. -- It is a fan favorite, amongst by busking audience in New York.

Why this competition means so much to me 

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I am a subway singer and a part time fragrance model. Usually, I am the guy you run into at Belk or Macys, smiling, while passing out the sample cards with the lovely aroma on it- at the counter you always circle back to after shopping. When I am not selling luxury fragrances, I can be found singing in the subways stations of New York city, #BOLDLY, Busking, and video- documenting the sequential details surrounding my life as the artist I AM.

So it seemed like a calling from GOD, when the audition came up that would require a singer who is BOLD, and living his life in that way (like me). And they are partnered with my favorite designer, kenneth cole- who I brag about all the time. As seen in the face book posting above, (Which was dated back in 2016, proving he truly is my fav designer) shows my true LOVE for the brand while posing with a random shopping bag. Now I know why, more than ever my life has chosen the path that it chose, and I attract the things I attract, and fall taste for, because they are all BOLD.

When I first met Aloe Blacc, he was on the front of a digital down load card at starbucks. And this is what put chills on my neck about the irony of this competition today. The hit single was "I need a dollar", and it was my first time hearing him. And I never thought I spiritually connected with another artist so much in my life. Noone had ever performed a song about what my life actually is, as a subway singer.. I was, and am sill... speechless.

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If you know me well, you know I dont do auditions, so this means alot to me. thank you so much for sharing ....and there is a link above if you chose to enter the competition as well. 


I chose this instrumental track, for Aloe Blacc (from a previously released project of mine called #AlternativeTRAPmusic ) specifically for its dark sound, which I know will be challenging for him. Aloe Blacc has a nautural luminence in his voice and he always delivers a positive message. This will give him a darker edge. When I read the rules to this competition, I knew this is exactly what he needed me for. I write to slow, melodic, beats, often. The song (left) is called "No Take backs" and has an early 1980's vibe.

Kenneth Cole Fragrances Launches "FIND YOUR BOLD" Music Campaign in Collaboration with Aloe Blacc and Indaba Music-- 

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 as I will be entering the contest.